Parking Lot Experience

I was driving out of the university’s parking lot the other day and I saw a couple of cars racing to get the spot I just vacated. This is really a usual scene in the university parking lot, people driving around in order to get a parking space and racing against one another to get it.

Speaking of parking lot, I remembered something I did in order to get a parking spot. This happened when I was still in my college years trying to earn my biology degree.

One afternoon, I arrived at campus and found the parking lot full. While I was searching for a parking space, I spied on my brother – student of the same campus – walking to his car after his last class of the day. Tailing him was a driver whose intent was to get the parking spot he would soon be vacating. Desperate not to be late, I stopped my car, jumped out and ran to my brother. I traded my keys with him and told him to drive mine home, promising to drive his after class.

As I ran past the driver, I saw his look of astonishment and disbelief.

Hellish Classroom!

If the school’s tuition fee is expensive, you should expect to receive good education, excellent teachers, helpful school facilities and comfortable learning atmosphere, right? But in my medical school, something really went wrong. Well, in terms of education, teachers and facilities, nothing is wrong, but with comfort… my classroom is not comfortable at all!

It is not comfortable because the AC in our classroom is not working for several days already. It is hell inside there. The classroom is a closed and tiny space, with several students, class materials and many other things that make the place even uncomfortable. Why can’t they just fix the AC right away? It is not that difficult to look for AC service Key Biscayne!

It is really hard to concentrate inside the class. Sweat is dripping. The nasty and sweating odor from our bodies are rising. Lucky for me, my seatmate doesn’t smell but my other classmate Fred complained to me the other day that the guy beside him stinks. Ahh… the nice side effect of broken AC. I hope this would not last for long. I think I cannot handle another week in hell – it makes learning difficult for me, especially since classes in medicine can be considered hell already.

All About Selling Gold

Last Monday, I accompanied my friend/classmate (Jude is his name BTW) to a cash for gold Sacramento store in order to sell gold. That was the first time I came to such store and I have never tried selling gold or anything valuable before. I was quite excited because that would be the first time for me to actually see the process of buying and selling gold.

Yep! Money!

Jude decided to sell a few pieces of gold jewelry because he needed money – stat! And BTW, the jewelries were from his mother who gave it to him for emergency purposes only and that time, it was an emergency for him. We came in with a few pieces of gold jewelry and after the short stay we had inside the store the jeweler paid him over a thousand dollars in cash. Well, that was fast and easy way to make money.

Thinking about that, I realize something. This is perfect for anyone whose family member is in the hospital and is in need of money. Everyone knows for a fact that medical fees and hospitalization is very expensive. In fact, a lot of people are afraid of getting sick because of the medical bills they have to pay. But with the help of cash for gold Sacramento stores, I believe they can have the needed finances during medical emergencies – well, as long as they have gold to sell.

Indeed, these stores are here for the money. I know that! But the nature of their operation brings hope to many Americans, especially whenever their finances are down. Come on! Think of it! If you have no money and you need finances right away, you would cling on something that gives you the opportunity to fix this problem. And this is what cash for gold stores could do -  I guess…

Greetings Earthlings!

My name is Marcus Rubin and I am a medical student. I want to be a doctor.

I didn’t choose this profession because I want to be seen as a Saint or because I want to make a lot of money. Most of all I didn’t choose to become a doctor because I want to be surrounded by lovely nurses in white uniform…but I think it wouldn’t be that bad, right? Admit it guys, many women think doctors are hot.

Unfortunately, I am not as handsome as this guy.

Unfortunately, I am not as handsome as this guy.

I chose a career in medicine because it is a dignified profession. Doctors help people. Doctors save lives. Doctors make people happy. Doctors do a lot of good things.

The life of a doctor is exciting. Every day is a new day.  There would be many different situations. Today, it would be a tiring day, full of cranky patients, emergencies here and there and dreadful news. The next day it would be full of joys and hilarious encounters with weird patients. And the next days that follow, who knows what could happen? There’s never a dull moment in a doctor’s life!

I want to be a doctor because I want to be with various people. Doctors meet a wide array of people. Some you can easily forget and some would leave a mark in your mind. There would be nice geezers, snobbish women, paranoid mothers, arrogant guys, skeptics, gregarious folks, innocent kids and so much more.

Most of all, I want to be a doctor because this is what I wanted since I was young. I was 10 or 11 when I first saw ER and I was hooked.  Yes, I admit that I didn’t understood about I was watching back then. I can’t help it, I was just a kid. But that show sparked my interest in becoming a doctor.  As I grew, I enjoyed medical dramas like Grey’s Anatomy and House. I want to become skilled doctor like them.

The best doctor in any medical drama for me.

The best doctor in any medical drama for me.

Since, I am still a student today and I barely passed my first year, I pray that I can be a successful doctor in the future. And I hope you join me in my journey from being a med student to a doctor.